Getting Around Edmonton

Rent a Car
All the major rental car companies have offices at the Edmonton International Airport, and it is quite easy to rent a car and get around town. The city is laid out in an orderly grid pattern, so it is fairly easy for drivers to navigate their way around the city. The parking is fairly ample and well priced as well, and the traffic is not bad for a city of its size. Be sure to avoid the highway during rush hours. It can get a little congested during these times.

Taxi Cabs
The cab companies are abundant in Edmonton. The majority of cabs are clean and well maintained, and the drivers are friendly and courteous. The cabs run 24 hours a day, but it is hard to hail a cab outside of downtown. It is best to program a cab company phone number into a cell phone to call for a cab when one is not readily available.

Public Transportation
Edmonton Public Transit runs buses that cover all areas of the city. These buses are clean and safe. The fares are quite reasonable. Edmonton Public Transit also operates a light rail system that has one line that runs north and south through the city. This light rail line is a very fast way to get from one side of Edmonton to the other. It is possible to get passes that allow for unlimited daily, weekly and monthly rides. These can be purchased at all the Edmonton Public Transit stations throughout the city for very reasonable prices.

This is one of the most bicycle-friendly cities in North America. Edmonton's roads all have bike lanes, and drivers are extremely courteous to bike riders. There are also several dedicated bike paths throughout the city. The city is very flat, which makes it easy to bike around town with a minimum of effort. Edmonton also gets little in the way of precipitation, which is another plus for bike riders.

Downtown Edmonton is a real joy for those who like to get around by walking. As mentioned earlier, the city is extremely flat and free from precipitation for the most part. The architecture in the downtown area is quite beautiful, and many of the Edmonton tourist attractions are located within walking distance of each other downtown. The easy-to-navigate grid system of the city makes it simple for visitors to find their way around town.